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Kanaad Electromation Solutions (P) Ltd.

Kanaad Electromation solutions Pvt. Ltd. (KESPL) was established in 2011 at Sangli Maharashtra focusing on designing of various electronic test equipments required for Automobile and battery industry.

KESPL has perfect blend of experience and youth. All KESPL's products are designed and finalized after market survey, numerous field trials and customer feedbacks. As a result of this over the past few years KESPL has established its name in providing Battery Testing solutions. With its sound technical background, smart Firmware and hardware design expertise, KESPL is able to offer customized solution that can help you in making ideas happen.

About Kanaad

Acharya Kanaad was founder of Atomic Theroy. It was Kanaad Rishi who originated the idea that anu (atom) was an indestructible particle of matter.

As the founder of "Vaisheshik Darshan"- one of six principal philosophies of India – Acharya Kanaad was a genius in philosophy. He was the pioneer expounder of realism, law of causation and the atomic theory. He has classified all the objects of creation into nine elements, namely: earth, water, light, wind, air, time, space, mind and soul.

He says, "Every object of creation is made of atoms which in turn connect with each other to form molecules." His statement ushered in the Atomic Theory for the first time ever in the world, Kanaad has also described the dimension and motion of atoms and their chemical reactions with each other.