Production Line Tester

Battery Production Line Tester

Production Line Tester


Now a days End Of Line testing of a battery is very much important to find manufacturing defects inside the battery. This saves the time for and cost of transportation in case of claims against manufacturing defects. Kanaad Battery production Line Tester delivers a heavy duty performance needed for continuous or large battery production.

Test Info

This test is based on a HRD standard for testing of batteries. According to this standard any 12V automotive battery to perform well at normal temperature should sustain 3X load than its Ah capacity and remain above 10V for specific short duration of time. User needs to set the End voltage, Test current and the Test timing.

  • Input- 230V AC, 50HZ Single phase supply with proper earthing

Models -

12V 50 Amp 12V 600 Amp

Test Current - settable from 3 Amp to Max.50Amp

Test Current - settable from 10 Amp to Max.600 Amp

End Voltage - settable from 8V to 12V

End Voltage- settable from 8V to 12V

Size - 400 x 300 x 180

Size - 700 x 450 x 400

Weight - 8k.g

Weight - 30k.g