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Adjustable Current Charger


Features :

Charging current adjustable from 0 – 10 Ampere. Input Output Overcurrent Protection.
Reverse Polarity Protection. Easy current setting using rotary Knob.
Compact Size. Light Weight.
Direct wires with battery charging clips.

Features :

Input Voltage 230Vac 50Hz(typical) 180Vac 50Hz(Min) 260Vac 50Hz(Max)
Input Current 0.8 Ampere(Max) @ typical Input voltage.
Charging Voltage 16VDC(Max) @ typical Input voltage.
Charging Current10Ampere(Max) @ typical Input voltage.
Size (mm) 150(W) x 150(D) x 120(H)
Weight 2.7 Kg
Input Connection 1 Meter Cable with direct 3 Pin Top (5A)
Output Connection 1 Meter Red and Black 2.5 Sq.mm cables with 15A charging clips
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