Adjustable Current Charger


Adjustable Current Charger

Features :

Charging current adjustable from 0 – 10 Ampere. Input Output Overcurrent Protection.
Reverse Polarity Protection. Easy current setting using rotary Knob.
Compact Size. Light Weight.
Direct wires with battery charging clips.


Suitable for all types of flooded batteries only. Not recommended for sealed/DRY batteries.

  • Input Voltage : 230Vac 50Hz(typical) 180Vac 50Hz(Min) 260Vac 50Hz(Max)
  • Input Current : 0.8 Ampere(Max) @ typical Input voltage

  • Charging Voltage 16VDC(Max) @ typical Input voltage

  • Charging Current10Ampere(Max) @ typical Input voltage

  • Size (mm) : 150(W) x 150(D) x 120(H)

  • Weight :2.7 Kg

  • Input Connection : 1 Meter Cable with direct 3 Pin Top (5A)

  • Output Connection : 1 Meter Red and Black 2.5 cables with 15A charging clips