All In One Pro Battery Tester


All In One Pro Battery Tester

Description :-

As the name suggest All In One Battery tester is developed for all types of battery testing needs. So this single machine can perform Instant Load test as well as backup test. Most of the battery traders deals in all types of batteries such as Motorcycle, Automotive as well as Inverter batteries. Problem with Instant tester is that they can not tell you exact backup time battery can give. So they need to purchase different tester for taking backup or they have to use traditional method of using bulb load. But these methods need continuous monitoring as well they need dedicated setup. For all these problems we have found a ALL IN ONE solution which is economic as well as do all the needed tests.

Test Info :-

For Motorcycle batteries we conduct a HRD test which puts a heavy load on the battery, which simulates same load conditions while cranking the engine. Load is almost 5 times the battery Ah capacity.

For Automotive as well as Inverter batteries it is a instant load test same as performed in the Portable Load tester.

For Backup test machine puts a load settable from 20W to 600W. It automatically stops the test when battery voltage reaches 10.5V.

Backup Test

12V Motorcycle batteries from 2.5Ah to 14Ah

Input - Powered from Battery Under Test

12V Automotive Batteries from 25Ah to 180Ah

Load - Max.120 Amp

12V Inverter Batteries from 20Ah to 240Ah

Test - Combination of instant and Backup

Cooling - Forced Air cooling