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Battery HRD Tester


Description :

HRD Tester is designed for High Rate Discharge testing of automotive and commercial batteries. HRD is a standard accepted worldwide and is a reliable method for instant testing of batteries. This method simulates same condition on battery as cranking the engine. Nowadays customers need a record of their battery under test, so we have given a option to take a printout of the result. HRD tester is available in different models for Motorcycle and automotive batteries..

Test Info :

As per standard any 12V automotive battery to perform well at normal temperature should sustain 3X load than its Ah capacity and remain above 10V for specific short duration of time. So according to this In HRD tester user should set a battery Ah capacity, machine will automatically puts a 3X load for 5 seconds and observe the battery voltage to find the battery health. For Motorcycle batteries load is 5x battery Ah capacity.

Specifications :

Input Powered from Battery Under Test
Load Max.600 Amp
Test 3X Load HRD test
Cooling Forced Air cooling
size 300 x 250 x 180
Weight 3.2k.g
Models HRD450/HRD450P/HRD600/HRD600P
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