Smart Battery Voltmeter


Battery Voltmeter and Vehicle Charging System Monitor

Description -

Now a days vehicle percentage is increased much. To keep the battery in good health condition it is necessary for vehicle charging system to work properly. Kanaad battery voltmeter is easy to use vehicle charging system monitor. It tells user whether the charging system is working properly or not with visual indications.

Test Info -

Battery voltmeter can be used to function as regular voltmeter or as a vehicle charging system monitor using selection switch provided on front. In Charging system monitor mode it gives visual indication of battery UnderCharging and OverCharging. This system can work for both 12V and 24V systems.


Input - Powered from Battery Under Test

Measurement - 6V to 32V

Test Undercharging and Overcharging indication of vehicle charging system

Size - 95 x 70 x 20

Weight - 0.2k.g