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Battery Backup Tester


Description :

Kanaad battery backup tester uses conventional method of using bulb load for testing but in a smarter way. Once all the parameters are set, it do not require human attention, it conducts all discharge and charge cycle automatically,stops test and gives result on display. So the overall time required for human to complete the process is reduced using this tester. This saves time, removes human error and gives exact backup time. Option for print report also provided if needed.

Test Info :

User need to connect a bulb load as required up to 800W. Setting for cutoff voltage, charging time has to be done correctly for proper test results. When all settings are done, machine then discharges the battery up to set battery level, stops the test, record the backup time and automatically starts charging the battery. Facility to take multiple charge discharge cycles is also provided.

Specifications :

Input - Powered from Battery Under Test Load - 800 Watt
Test - Backup Size - 330 x 250 x 85
Weight - 2k.g Printer - optional
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