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Digi Tech Charger


Description :

A DIGI Tech Battery charger provides base for batteries that are durable and perform well. Specially designed to charge automotive batteries.

Features :

  • Digital current and voltage display
  • 10 amp maximum adjustable charging current
  • Overload cutoff and auto resume feature
  • Heavy duty battery selection switch
  • MCV protection for short circuit and reverse polarity

Details :

Model 48 Volt/10 Amp 72 Volt/10 Amp
Suitable for Car Battery, Inverter Battery Car Battery, Inverter Battery
Maximum Number of Battery Charge at a Time 4 6
Charger Type Transformer based Transformer based
Charging Mode Fast/Slow Fast/Slow
Maximum Charging Current 10amp 10amp
Battery Type can be Charged 12V ACID (Automotive/Inverter) 12V ACID (Automotive/Inverter)
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