Portable Load Tester


It is a Unique 12V Portable digital Load Tester used for testing all types of Battery

Portable Load Tester

Description :-

Kanaad portable load testers are designed specially for on site battery testing need. It is useful for finding general battery health.Now a day usage of battery is increased so much. Battery systems are installed in a remote areas far away from cities. So to attend faults in such systems is needed that testing machine should be portable and should tell you precise condition of battery. By keeping this in mind during design we focused on portability of the tester as well as accuracy of results. It comes with a handy bag so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

Test info :-

This is a Instant method for testing of batteries. It is not a regular load test method (as done in much of other load tester) but it is a smart analysis load method in which we conduct 3 test of 5 seconds. With different combinations of two resistive loads we cover entire battery range for testing. With these load combinations and battery levels for these loads we have developed a unique analysis technique to achieve maximum accuracy of the results.

Battery Range
12V Motorcycle batteries from 2.5Ah to 14Ah Input - Powered from Battery Under Test
12V Automotive Batteries from 25Ah to 180Ah Load - Max.120 Amp
12V Inverter Batteries from 80Ah to 240Ah Test -3 Test of 5 Seconds
Size - 200 x 110 x 50
Weight -1.2k.g