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Production Line Tester


Description :

It is a Heavy duty 12V battery tester designed for continuous testing (Production Line). Maximum discharge current 600 Ampere.

Key Features :

It has 2 Test Modes,

1. Production Line Test
  • In this test battery is discharged for set time with set discharge current
  • During test, if battery voltage drops below cut-off voltage, battery is FAIL.
  • On completion of test, if battery voltage is above cut-off voltage, battery is PASS.
  • Machine can test thousands of batteries one after another.
2. High Rate Discharge Test.
  • In this test battery is discharged with set discharge current constantly till voltage drops below cut-off voltage.
  • Unit measures time taken for discharge.
  • Data storage facility also given for PLT test and HRD test
  • Screen shot copy of data storage are as below

Details :

Model Name PLT600
Type Digital
Suitable for 12 volt Battery Test
Settable Current range 10 Ampere to 600 Ampere
Cut off voltage 8.0 Volts to 12 Volts with resolution of 0.1Volts
Data Storage facility Available
Warranty one year
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